In Santa Fe

Saturdays 9:00am

Thursdays 6:00 PM

Location-Santa Fe Muay Thai

1208 Parkway Drive

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If one of our standard training times cannot fit into your schedule, please contact us to arrange a personal, alternate training time.


A normal one-hour class consists of students made up of brand new students training alongside those who have been there several weeks. Everyone does a warm-up consisting of stretching, plyometrics, and shadowboxing to get the heart rate up and then the class goes right into training.

Students will learn combatives and self-defense techniques and then perform those techniques in a high energy drill that reinforces what they just learned. Situations may include defending a choke from behind, being attacked while lying on your back, or even defending against someone holding a gun to your head.


Whatever the scenario may be, it is practiced very realistically using different attackers and several different drills to put more stress on the defender. All this is done to send the students home feeling confident in the technique they just learned and knowing that they now have a better understanding of how to defend themselves against someone bigger and stronger.

Training methods range from employing a speaker system blasting loud music to turning the lights out and performing the technique with minimal lighting. Whatever the method, all scenarios are meant to train the student to ignore extraneous input and focus on getting out of a dangerous situation and, if possible, causing as much damage to their attacker as they can. Additionally, we also cover physical and verbal methods to avoid violence when possible.



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